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Material Planning / Lot Management

  • We provide trained lift truck drivers along with the use of pump carts.
  • Accessibility to several qualified trucking firms, assembly plant approved.
  • Loading docks for easy transport accommodations.
  • Proper documentation and traceability for shipping and receiving material.

Automotive Specialty Certification Cards

  • Capable and competent methods used for conforming and non-conforming material.
  • Complete and detailed records provided to our customers in a timely manner, maintaining accuracy.
  • ISO methods are used to maintain organization in designated areas for sorting, rework, shipping, receiving and scrap.

Facility Capabilities

Our facility/warehouse is located in Burlington, Ontario Canada. This is a centralized location, close to the Assembly plants.

  • In house capabilities include a 6000 sq. ft. warehouse with 2 dock level entries. (cross dock capability)
  • Certified lift truck drivers.

Geographic Coverage

We have accessibility to CMM resources. We have representation available in the following cities:

  • Guelph
  • Scarborough
  • Bramalea/Brampton
  • Oshawa
  • Oakville
  • Milton
  • Newmarket
  • London
  • St. Thomas
  • Georgetown
  • Brantford
  • Hamilton

Response Time

Our response time can vary depending on the job size and location.  On-site residents are available at Assembly Plant levels. Human resource centers provide us capable staffing when our employees are fully utilized. A qualified Quality Representative from Automotive Specialty is assigned to every client we represent to assist in resolving all issues.

We assign a champion to collaborate with team leaders establishing an efficient/prompt method to resolve any concerns with accurate documentation and traceability.

Process Followed

  • A quote and statement of work is provided before job acceptance.
  • A job package is created with the Job Request
  • Our team “champion” is assigned to provide and produce all paperwork and attain knowledge to the assigned project.
  • A Job Instruction is created for reference and visual aid to accurately describe the purpose and step-by-step containment process required to perform and complete the project.
  • A Sign In/Out sheet is used for accuracy and accountability for each team member to sign, recognize and understand the scope of work.
  • Records are accurately kept on the Material Count Sheets to capture and retain vital and important information for our customer.
  • Upon completion, the Job Request/Completion Update package is emailed for customer retention.
  • A Plant Visitation Report is provided if the customer requires an on-site rep to investigate and assess the suppliers concern and assist with resolution.


  • All inspectors successfully complete an entry level test to ensure comprehension.
  • Team Leaders provide guidance and leadership to confirm competency and accuracy of customer expectations.
  • Quality Representation of OEM's at Assembly Plant levels.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training.

Quality Certification

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Trained and certified quality auditors
  • Automotive Specialty has a complete knowledge of automotive operating systems and works well with supplier quality engineering personnel in the identification, containment and resolution of quality issues.
  • Since quality is not re-action, but pro-action, our experience has enhanced our product knowledge to identify, contain and assist in resolving issues related to all types of automotive products.


Automotive Specialty